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Commercial Services

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Structural Engineering

Southeast Engineers has the experience and the capacity to support Architects,
Developers, and Contractors with a broad range of Structural Engineering design

Foundation Design
Conventionally and Post Tensioned Reinforced Foundation Design
At Grade and Pile Supported
Elevated Foundation Design
Pile/Beam, Pier/Beam Design
Retaining Structures

Concrete, Masonry, Key-Lock Wall, Sheet Pile Designs

Framing Design

Depending on the project type, an engineered framing design may be required to ensure the safety, performance, and longevity of your structure. By staying informed with the latest building systems and code requirements, Southeast Engineers is ready to assist with a safe and efficient engineered framing design for any structure type. We are pleased to offer the following engineered framing design services:

Wood, Steel, Concrete and Masonry Structural Framing Design

  • Structural Hot-Rolled Steel Design
  • Cold-Formed Steel Design
  • Timber Design
  • Masonry Design
  • Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Design

Civil Engineering

Since its inception, Southeast Engineers has supported commercial development clients and public entities in the preparation of civil engineering site plans in accordance with prevailing codes. Typical site plans involve design of roadways, parking lots, sanitary sewer systems, potable water systems, and storm water drainage systems. Site layout plans are coordinated with clients and architects to develop vehicular and pedestrian movements within the available property restrictions. Construction Administration services administered in conjunction with our site plans provide our clients with quality control and quality assurance for project delivery.

Each year, jurisdictional regulations on site development become more complex. Southeast Engineers utilizes computer software design to efficiently model sanitary sewer systems, potable water systems, and storm water drainage systems to accommodate jurisdictional mandates. We are able to provide cost effective solutions using AutoCAD software to geometrically design and detail roadways, parking lots, and utility services.

Commercial Aquatics

Throughout the years, Southeast Engineers has maintained a high standard for their engineered designs of Commercial Aquatic Venues. The process of constructing a commercial aquatic project requires the development of the construction drawings, equipment submittals, and approval of project documents by the governing Health Department of the specific project region. Our firm has achieved success in the planning, design, and construction administration of Commercial Aquatic Projects by utilizing the latest technology and applicable codes.

Commercial Swimming Pool Design

Commercial Swimming Pool design consists of two stages. Initially, a Professional Landscape Architect will develop the geometric and depth profile of the proposed swimming pool along with specifying the types of water features desired by the developer. Once this initial stage is completed, a fully engineered design is typically required to assist with Health Department approval and distribution of construction documents to potential swimming pool contractors. Southeast Engineers’ designs will typically include the following components:

  • Required Equipment Schedules and General Specifications
  • Site Layout with Code Compliance Check and coordination with the Landscape Architect/Civil Engineer.
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Plumbing Design
  • Swimming Pool Section views including all proposed fixtures (Skimmers, Main Drains, Water Features, Return Inlets)
  • Swimming Pool Construction Details
  • Structural Design of the Shotcrete, Gunite, or Reinforced Concrete Swimming Pool
  • Equipment Room Layout and coordination with Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Consultant.
  • Coordination with Regulatory Agencies for Permit Approval

Commercial Splash Pad Design:

In addition to Commercial Swimming Pool Designs, Southeast Engineers also provides full engineering design of recirculation-type Splash Pads. Since the release of the Center for Disease Control’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), the process for securing a Commercial Splash Pad Permit from Health Agencies has become increasingly difficult. Splash Pads typically require the most stringent sanitizers, monitoring, and safety measures per MAHC requirements. Our firm can assist Landscape Architects, Architects, and Developers to successfully plan, design, permit, and construct their desired splash pad while consistently working with them to keep the project within their established budget. Our packages typically include the items listed in our Commercial Swimming Pool Design but geared specifically for splash pads.

Waterpark Aquatic Attractions:

Waterpark attractions are pre-designed by the manufacturers that produce the individual rides. Supplemental equipment, such as recirculation systems, sanitizers, and other miscellaneous items, are not provided by the manufacturers. Additionally, construction management and Health Department approval can be complex and time-consuming processes for developers. Southeast Engineers can coordinate these additional project requirements to support the developer. We work in unison with the various consultants and ride manufacturers to ensure project requirements are achieved. We can also develop accurate construction documents as part of our professional services for bidding purposes.

Building Forensics

Southeast Engineers has earned a reputation as an industry leader in structural and moisture intrusion assessments. We have years of structural design and field experience with residential and commercial facilities. Our team of proven engineers is capable of assessing, documenting and formulating reliable opinions in buildings associated with foundation distress, structural frame compromise and moisture intrusion.

Structural Assessments

Structural frame or foundation compromise often present in the form of interior wall cracks, brick veneer cracks, and doors that bind during operation. Floor tile cracks, crown molding separations, or uneven floors pose concerns to home owners and commercial building owners alike. Southeast Engineers assesses the various factors that may contribute to building compromise and offers reliable, practical repair mechanisms that many in our community appreciate. Often, structural compromise may be attributed to differential settlement of a building foundation, which may induce stress in the foundation and building frame. Today’s open floor plans and elaborate space allocations of modern building practices challenge the structural serviceability of framing features often creating cracks in walls and ceilings. Southeast Engineers has the experience and knowledge to guide you through diagnosing and repair management of building compromise.

Moisture Intrusion Assessments

Moisture management in building assemblies is critical for a functional and healthy facility. Establishment of an effective water barrier in the exterior wall assembly is essential to restricting water intrusion and water accumulation. Southeast Engineers has the expertise to assess and design functional wall and ceiling assemblies to eliminate water intrusion in your building.

Southeast Engineers performs investigations to determine failure mechanisms in building assemblies and system integration. Water intrusion is typically derived from point sources, like roof leaks and water line leaks. It can also occur with passive accumulation of water, like failed ventilation systems, open or malfunctioning wall assemblies, or improper mechanical systems. In the summer months, the temperature and humidity of our climate contribute to condensation in our buildings. Individually or collectively, these conditions may promote water accumulation and adverse conditions in the building. The staff of Southeast Engineers can assist you in determining the cause of water intrusion or moisture accumulation and provide reliable solutions to manage or repair moisture related conditions.

Delegated System Design

Many design professionals are using Delegated System Designs for some (or all) engineered components of a structure. Typically, an Engineer of Record will assist the architect or project developer in the generation of bid documents with general structure layouts, details, design loads, required codes, and specifications. Once the project is awarded, Licensed Professional Engineers are required designed the delegated systems. Additionally, the creation of Calculations and Shop Drawing Packages for the fabrication and installation of these Delegated Systems is required. Based on our expertise in these types of systems, Southeast Engineers is pleased to offer contractors the following Delegated System Design Packages:

  • Cold-Formed Steel
  • Stairs and Miscellaneous Steel
  • Roof Systems
  • Wall Cladding Systems
  • Aquatics
  • Shoring and Lift Plans

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Southeast Engineers is a market leader in a wide range of engineering services. From engineering design to plan development, permitting, and construction management, Southeast Engineers has the expertise and commitment to assure success in commercial, residential, and site development projects.


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