In South Louisiana there isn’t really a “rainy season,” it’s something we deal with year-round. But those famous April Showers remind us to be careful with too much standing rain water around the foundation of our house.

If you have standing water next to your foundation, this may cause several problems. When water can’t drain away from your home, it soaks into the ground. It can go under your foundation and possibly seep up into your foundation and ultimately, into your home. Many people don’t notice the problems until their floors become discolored, and then the damage is done.

Here is a picture of what water intrusion may look like over time:

water stains on floor

If your house is off the ground with pier and beam foundations, water pooling beneath it can also cause problems such as cupping floors, as shown here.

To stop this from happening, there are a few things a homeowner can do. First, look around your property.  Are there any areas of standing water?  Are there any “soft” areas in your lawn?

Keeping your foundation free from water is essential to heading off major problems down the road.  If you have some standing water issues or flooring problems, call Southeast Engineers. Our team can diagnose what is causing the problem and recommend the best solution to keep your foundation solid.

Southeast Engineers are proud to offer our clients onsite assessments to diagnose problems, make cost-effective repairs and provide expert advice.  Consultations start at $500. Call us at (225) 295-1880 or visit us online before you get started on your spring projects.